Széchenyi 2020
WoodPellet A1 without Pallet
Cikkszám: MBH-PE-15
A termék bruttó ára: 1340 Ft
A termék nettó ára: 1055 Ft
ÁFA összege: 285 Ft
A termék jelenleg nincs raktáron

Kérjen értesítést, hogy azonnal értesüljön a készlet feltöltéséről!


Premium quality product made of pure wood. The product is neutral from a CO2 emission aspect! A clean and environment friendly fuel produced without using artificial additives and adhesives. Quality guarantee: EN Plus A1 quality certificate, own laboratory, raw materials and finished products are tested on a daily basis. Advantages: more compact volume compared to fuel wood and chips, dry fuel, requires much smaller storage area and comfortable feed!


Diameter: 6 mm
Length: 5-40 mm
Calorific value: 17-18 MJ/kg
Ash content: < 0,7%
Fine particles: < 1%
Composition: 70% pine - 30% beech or 100% pine
Packing: In 15 kg colour polyethylene bags, sealed, without pallet


It is guaranteed that the product is free from chemical substances used in wood processing procedures as it is exclusively made of untreated timber.