Széchenyi 2020
WoodPellet A1 with Pallet
A termék jelenleg nincs raktáron

Kérjen értesítést, hogy azonnal értesüljön a készlet feltöltéséről!


Premium quality product made of pure wood. The product is neutral from a CO2 emission aspect! A clean and environment friendly fuel produced without using artificial additives and adhesives. Quality guarantee: EN Plus A1 quality certificate, own laboratory, raw materials and finished products are tested on a daily basis. Advantages: more compact volume compared to fuel wood and chips, dry fuel, requires much smaller storage area and comfortable feed!


Diameter: 6 mm
Length: 5-40 mm
Calorific value: 17-18 MJ/kg
Ash content: <0,7%
Fine particles: <1%
Composition: 70% pine - 30% beech or 100% pine
Packing: In 15 kg colour polyethylene bags, sealed, on pallet

Pallet size: cm 110 x 110 x h 160
Pallet composition: 66 db 15 kg zsák/raklap
Load weight of 1 truck: 23,76 tonna, 23.760 Kg

Attention! The pallets can be stacked.


It is guaranteed that the product is free from chemical substances used in wood processing procedures as it is exclusively made of untreated timber.