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MBH VULCAN 60 type pellet boiler

The VULCAN 60 type compact, automatic, 60 kW capacity hot water heating appliance, developed and manufactured by MBH Hungarian Biomass Recycling Co. had been developed specifically by taking into account the needs of users with medium output requirement (between 25-60 kW).  

The boiler is equipped with a self-developed, so-called “sluice” burner that has automatic cleaning function; thanks to this feature it is excellent also for incinerating pellets with higher ash content. Thanks to the two horizontally moving burner grates positioned above each other the equipment is able to remove the ash/bottom ash from the grate during operation thus continuously providing the best conditions for combustion. It is possible to select 4 different pellet qualities to provide the highest comfort grade and autonomy.   

The equipment has an integrated heat exchanger cleaner which significantly contributes to continuously maintaining high efficiency and comfortable maintenance.  

There is a large ash-box under the combustion chamber for storing the ash/bottom ash produced therefore no frequent emptying is required.  

The automatic device of the boiler adjusts the burner in 5 output stages from ignition to stopping. Thanks to this feature the equipment always operates at the required output. The control provides both automatic (that can even be controlled by room thermostat) and manual mode; in automatic mode the equipment modifies output by maintaining the set forward water temperature (at 55-85 °C) while in manual mode the boiler is operating at the set output level.   

The pellet container integrated into the equipment can hold fuel sufficient for 4-5 hours of operation thus it must be refilled from an external container as necessary.

Room thermostat can be connected to the equipment. Using it the equipment can be operated with time and temperature programs.

Technical parameters of the boiler:

• nominal capacity: 60 kW
• minimum capacity: 25 kW
• maximum temperature that can be set: 85 °C
• maximum permitted operating pressure: 2.5 bar
• efficiency: >91%
• pellet consumption at maximum load: 13.1 kg/h
• pellet consumption at minimum load: 5.5 kg/h
• flue pipe diameter: 110 mm
• height: 1,679 mm
• width: 1,272 mm
• depth: 899 mm 

VULCAN 60 schematic drawing



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  • Mixed pellet: Wood pellet 70% - Pine 30% Premium Quality

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Pellet Production: Wood pellet 70% Pine-30% Beech,

Capacity Pellet Factory: 10.000 ton  - Plan: 2.Factory: capacity: 30.000 ton/year

Pellet packaging: 15 kg plastic bags or Big Bag 1000kg

Quality: En Plus A1 certificated or A2 ( no certificated)

Laboratory inside the factory: daily pellet quality controll!!!

Production from own Pellet Boiler Family from 15kw-30-kw-60-kw-70kw Air-100kw


Pellet Price: 185 Eur/to full Truck order EXW 6900 Makó, Bárányos sor 20.

Delivery to customer, Transport Cost: cca. 1 EUR(0,9Eur)/ Km.

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