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MBH Zrt.

MBH Zrt. company introduction

MBH Zrt. manufactures wood pellet, is active in forest management, fuel wood processing (premium quality stock of wood) and is installing and operating biomass based heating centres.

We undertake the installation of heating centres and heating technologies financed by our company. According to multi-year contracts concluded with our Clients, they are purchasing the thermal energy from our company. We are only selling wood pellets that have been produced by our company. Our pellet manufacturing plant was constructed on the site owned by our Group in the city of Makó.

Our activities

  • wood pellet manufacturing
  • forest management
  • fuel wood processing (premium quality stock of wood)
  • installation and operation of biomass based thermal centres
  • sales of pellet boilers

We are planning to build pellet manufacturing plants at several locations as well as to develop a national network to make heating with pellet, wood chips, briquette and wood economical and comfortable (fuel delivery to homes, maintenance etc.). Our company is primarily serving ultimate users but we try to establish long-term relations with distributor networks, using exclusively our own brand name.

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Magyar Biomassza Hasznosító Zrt.

1112 Budapest, Budaörsi út 152 1/5



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  • Quality and fair pricing
  • Mixed pellet: Wood pellet 70% - Pine 30% Premium Quality

Krisztina Kató – MBH-Hungarian Biomass SPA. Sales and Owner, Cell.: +36 20 379 6600
E-mail: Web:


Dear Partner!
Did you find your pellet factory for collaboration? We are one of them!


Pellet Production: Wood pellet 70% Pine-30% Beech,

Capacity Pellet Factory: 10.000 ton  - Plan: 2.Factory: capacity: 30.000 ton/year

Pellet packaging: 15 kg plastic bags or Big Bag 1000kg

Quality: En Plus A1 certificated or A2 ( no certificated)

Laboratory inside the factory: daily pellet quality controll!!!

Production from own Pellet Boiler Family from 15kw-30-kw-60-kw-70kw Air-100kw


Pellet Price: 185 Eur/to full Truck order EXW 6900 Makó, Bárányos sor 20.

Delivery to customer, Transport Cost: cca. 1 EUR(0,9Eur)/ Km.

Please contact us in case of serious long term collaboration for more details!


Best Regards:

Krisztina Kató

Sales Director


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